Artificial Fangs is the Newest Craze of Summer 2010

It has been called “Vampire Veneers”. Another trend that the Twilight movie has brought to the public. Dentists in the US just confessed that there has been a so called ‘surge in young patients who want temporary vampire-style fangs installed’.

Dentists can make this thing possible elongating the canines through attaching veneers to the top original tooth with resin to look like a fang. It turned out that this procedure has become the most popular cosmetic dentistry this summer.

For those who wants to be a “Cullen”, then this could be the answer to your prayers. You just have to prepare $200 ans spare 15 minutes of your busy day and off you go. It may sound cool but dentists warn everyone that having this vampire-veneers can be dangerous as it makes a patient’s bit more harmful. So before you join the trend, think about it several times. You might be compromising a lot just to be in the trend.

If given a chance, would you like to spend 200 bucks to have this vampire-veneers? You can share your thoughts in our comment box below.