Apple trade-in program for iPhone 5C following its popularity against Samsung Galaxy S4


Apple had launched there iPhone trade-in program in India a few days ago. And as expected, it has starting working its magic, and is helping the Cupertino based tech giant Apple to sell a huge number of iPhone 5C in India. In fact, the phone is outselling Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S4 outright in the country.

Coming to the iPhone 5S, just like all the countries around the world it was an instant hit in India too. However, until now the iPhone 5C had been the problematic child.

Apple introduced the trade in program with the goal to boost the sales of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S and the trick seems to have worked.

The trade-in program announced by Apple allows users to get a discount of at least 13000 INR (approx. $208) towards the purchase of any of the two smartphones – iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5C.

So now seeing this scheme work its magic pretty well in the Indian market and boosting the sales of both the phones, Apple plans to introduce it in other markets as well.

The company plans to introduce a similar scheme in other emerging Asian, Pacific and Latin Americans market as well. These emerging markets are the source of maximum growth in the present mobile market and industry. And it is a speculation that the trade-in program will work in these emerging markets as well. We feel that it could work, what do you have to say?