Apple iPhone 5S Gold 10 September release date

It is almost certain now that Apple will be hosting an event on September 10th where the tech giant would be announcing its two new iPhone models. Or so do we think.

Despite of Apple trying to double down on secrecy, still almost everything about what Apple plans to reveal is already known. There have been pictures and even videos of soon to be released iPhones’ on the internet.

It is expected that Apple would be releasing two iPhones. First, the normal iPhone 5S which is almost similar in looks like its predecessor and the second one the rumored iPhone 5C, which would be the more colored and the budget version of the iPhone.

It is expected that there would be nothing revolutionizing about the new iPhone 5S and disappointingly it would have the same 4-inch screen and the same Retina resolution like its predecessor.

It is rumored that Apple would be launching the phone in an option of Gold color too. Well this thing has created a lot of buzz and engendered a lot of excitement among Apple users. There are also rumors about a graphite (slate gray) model.

The all-black iPhone 5s finish was prone to scratches, so a silver backing makes complete sense. The bottom line, it’s a thrilling news for people who love shades of metal.

But till now there have been only outer casings that have been revealed in alleged pictures. The leaked pictures also depict that there would be a new LED flash in the next iPhone and the camera would also be improvised.

It is also possible that the iPhone 5S features an A7 processor which has been under continuous testing since the past few months. There are rumors that it would continue to be a dual-core processor with emphasis on improved system speed.

Perhaps the biggest new feature being introduced in the iPhone 5S would be a fingerprint sensor which many have predicted will lurk under the Home button.