Antoinette Tuff and Georgia school shooting


Antoinette Tuff, who is the amazing level-headed school clerk, turned into a one-woman crisis management team when 20-year-old Michael Brandon Hill showed up at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy dressed in black and armed with an AK-47 on Tuesday.

Based on the full recording she made of the 911 call while the dangerous situation outspread, anyone can judge that how compassionate and calm that lady was under fire.

The tape, which is of more than 24 minutes long and full of distend of silence was tremendous to listen to and worth every second.

In the beginning of the recording one can hear Tuff considering making a run for it while Hill was shooting outside the premises of the school.

She said “No, he’s going to see me running, and he’s coming back,” Tuff tells the dispatcher in a moment that forces you to more fully consider, however briefly, the alternative scenarios that could have played out at the elementary school if she had fled.

Shortly before the Police came in Tuff has convinced Hill to surrender, this makes it to be the most phenomenal moment in the tape.

The school clerk tells Hill that she loves him. She says that “It’s gonna be all right, sweetie”. She said that it’s a good thing. You’ve just given up. Don’t worry about it and she is proud of him. It’s only later, after police have Hill in custody that we hear Tuff’s voice waver. “Let me tell you something, baby,” she tells the dispatcher. “I’ve never been so scared in all the days of my life.”