Android Device Manager News: Google side-loads Android Device Manager on all Android devices


You probably have no knowledge about it yet, but Google has probably by now loaded the Android Device Manager onto your Android phone from the backend.

This feature is for almost everyone who owns an Android phone, the condition being he should be running at least Android 2.2 and has Google Play installed in his phone. The announced was made on the Android official blog by Google.

To activate the Android Device Manager, you need to go to ‘Settings’. Then navigate to ‘Security’. And under Security you will find ‘Device Administrators’. Tick the Android Device Manager which will allow it to do anything it wants. After these steps you will be able to locate your phone via the Web Interface from any Web Browser.

Some of the features included are the ability to ring your phone at its maximum volume when you have misplaced it and you know it’s somewhere near. You can even wipe your phone if you have lost it and there is no hope of recovering it.

This will definitely be handy if you lose your phone or worse, if it was stolen. You can potentially get close to the phone using the locate feature, sound the alarm on your phone and get ready to chase down the thief. You can keep you data safe by erasing it irrecoverably.

The basic functionality of the Android Device Manager is similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone which is available for all iOS devices. For more functionality you can always check out ‘Android Lost’, the king of remote phone location and destruction.