Android 4.3 issues pestering Nexus 4 users: Netflix app, gallery problem, battery life, boot loop, and X splash screen

android 4.3

It appears that not all is well in the world of Android 4.3 as Nexus 4 owners are complaining about a myriad of problems with the new update that began rolling out last week and is slowing trickling to Nexus devices across the globe.

Last month, Google announced a new update to Android dubbed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The update, which is an incremental update from Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, features a number of new enhancements including additions to the camera app, Bluetooth Low Energy.

But, it seems that the new OS version is wreaking havoc on some Nexus 4 devices. On Google’s Product Forums, most people having problems report that after the update is downloaded and installed, their handsets either freeze on the ‘X’ splash screen or get stuck in a never-ending boot loop.

People claim that the only fix is to factory reset their handsets or flash to an older version of Android, and lose all of their saved data in the process. While there are no shortage of people apparently stuck in update purgatory, it’s unclear exactly how widespread the problem is.

Additionally, the new Android version isn’t playing nice with Netflix on Nexus 4’s, either. After upgrading, launching the Netflix app is causing some handsets to freeze up and only resetting the phone with a long press of the power button will get the phone working again. Other complaints include sluggish performance, problems with the gallery, and of course, the usual battery life issues that tend to accompany major Android updates.