Anadarko and MOEX Starting to Wash Hands for the Oil Spill

There has been statements from the said companies which has been cited to be delivered Thursday before a panel of the US Senate’s Homeland Security Committee.

Anadarko Petroleum along woth MOEX Offshore 2007 LLC are now taking initial steps to distance themselves from the disaster of the oil spill caused by the Macondo-deep sea well. This has been reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Both companies are minor investors of the Monaco operations and thus being such prevents them to make any decision about it. Chief executive James Hackett of Andarko said in a prepared statement, “The operations of the Monaco well were conducted with BP controlling all operating decisions.”

BP owned 65% in the well while Andarko got the 25% and MOEX Offshore owned he remaining 10%. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been the worst oil spill that USA has ever encountered and damaged marine life as well as its tourism industry. It is also the reason for President Obama’s declining approval ratings.

Now that the oil spill has been temporarily stopped, responsible figures should be paying for it. BP has been facing all the consequences and it seems that they will be facing it alone now that the minor investors involved are starting to wash their hands.