Amy Robach finds out about her cancer after on-air mammogram


On Monday morning, Amy Robach, Good Morning America correspondent announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing an on-air mammogram.

She is married to Andrew Shue, an American actor, who is well-known for his role as Billy Campbell in the series Melrose Place. She announced the news on television while she was joined on the couch by her husband, Andrew.

According to her, she by no means supposed that she had cancer. She agreed to be tested only after her producers and Robin Roberts, who has earlier survived cancer, convinced her to take the on-air mammogram.

Robach considers herself a healthy person and she doesn’t even have any family history of the disease, so this news of her suffering from cancer came out as a total surprise for her. She is planning to undergo a double mastectomy on Thursday.

Mastectomy is a procedure in which all the breast tissues are surgically removed from one or both breasts after which a woman can choose to undergo breast reconstruction with a plastic surgeon.

Doctors said that mammogram saved her life. Robach said that she got lucky by catching the disease early and wants to be “aggressive about the cancer”.

She added in her GMA video that she understands it very well that she have a fight ahead of her but she also know that it is worth fighting for. She is grateful that she got that mammogram that day at GMA and Robin’s words are still reverberating inside her that if she got the mammogram on air and if saved one life, then it is all worth it.