Alfred Morris rookie NFL season as second in rushing yards, second in rushing touchdowns, and third in rushing attempts


You have to go back 30 years to find the last instance of a rookie NFL running back having as successful a year as Morris running the ball.

Morris finished his rookie NFL season second in rushing yards (1,613), second in rushing touchdowns (13) and third in rushing attempts (335).

Just after a year ago when Alfred Morris arrived at his first NFL training camp as an unknown trainer, an un announced sixth-round draft choice from Florida Atlantic who seemed to be little more than a reconsideration in a competition for the Washington Redskins’ starting tailback spot that featured Roy Helu Jr., Evan Royster and Tim Hightower.

Morris is meandering down his second pro preseason as a well-known starter and a standout performer for a ruling division champion, after one year and above 1,600 rushing yards.

People around Morris in the Redskin’s locker room say that what hasn’t changed is Morris himself, and approach towards his job.

Other Redskin players in his team say that anyone who is stewing that Morris won’t have the same eagerness to excel and desire to work after so much unexpected success so quickly in his NFL career, is not familiar with Morris.

Redskins, Darrel Young said on Monday “That’s something I would be worried about, except that I know him”. He also stated that “He’s one of the most humble people I think I’ve ever met,” His nonchalance and carefree attitude border on simplicity. He’s humble, plays hard and works hard.

This summer Morris, aptly, has been mostly in background while Griffin’s return from knee surgery in January has ruled the Redskins-related news cycles. But on the other hand Morris said that he knows there is lot more to be done, even with the adjusted mind-set that comes without having a scheduled position to secure.