Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) appeals suspension


Alex Rodriguez, The New York Yankees’ player, is suspended for 211 games this Friday from the Major League Baseball.

Alex was punished under the Joint Drug Agreement for the possession and usage of numerous forms of PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) over the course of multiple years.

The league has penalized 13 players after an investigation was carried out against Biogenesis of America, an anti aging clinic accused of distributing banned PEDs.

The other 12 players have agreed for 50-game suspension, but Alex Rodriguez decided to fight. He has appealed his suspension to independent arbitrator, Fredric Horowitz.

His appeal could mean that he will be playing for the rest of this season. The decision, however, is not expected until October or November.

The main question that arises is that, what Alex will argue in his appeal. It would be difficult to anticipate the defenses without knowing the actual reason for suspension. Rodriguez’s punishment was scheduled to begin on Thursday but he will continue to play until his grievance is heard by Fredric Horowitz.

Speaking about his star players’ decision to appeal the suspension, Joe Girardi, Yankees manager, said that he had expected this to happen and it is a part of the negotiation between MLB and Players’ Association.

A-Rod’s presence, however, hasn’t been of much help to the Yankees. They scored only eight total runs in the first three games of Rodriguez after he came back from his surgery. He has signed a contract of $275 million with the Yankees in 2007, the largest contract ever in American sports.