A Very Comfortable Side By Side Stroller With A Ton Of Features

Side By Side StrollerThe Bumbleride Indie Twin best lightweight stroller comes in many pretty different colors. It is a very comfortable side by side stroller with a ton of features: both seats can be individually reclined (so one baby can sleep comfortably while the other one is awake). Each seat holds a kid til 45 lbs (my twins are almost four and weigh around 37 lbs). The handle is adjustable (for tall dads and small moms).

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller: The Pro´s

  • very maneuverable, even on rough ground
  • very comfortable and sturdy
  • comes with infant head rest and shoulder pads
  • Comparably big basket
  • The footrests are adjustable to adapt to your growing twins
  • The front wheels can move 360° or be locked – this feature makes the Bumblebee very easy to handle on almost any kind of ground
  • Pocket on the back of each shade
  • Passes through regular size doors (just take the cup holder off)
  • Has won prizes (has to be for something, right?)
  • the handle is adjustable
  • Also good for a baby and a toddler, as you can strap in a baby seat (just one though)
  • I like the colors (I know, not that important – but who doesn’t like to sport a stylish stroller?)

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller: The Con´s

  • Kind of big even when folded up
  • Bumbleride Indie Twin
  • folded up: 32 by 15
  • rather heavy (48 lbs)

Seats: The seats recline almost totally, so even a small baby will be comfortable. It comes with head rests and shoulder pads for babies.The fabric of the seat covers is removable and washable. You can strap in ONE car seat, the Bumbleride Indie Twin is compatible with the following car seats: Graco Safe Seat, Graco Snug Ride, Britax Companion, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Combi Center, Chicco Key Fit, Baby Trend Flex-Loc, Maxi Cosi

Shades: The Shades come really far down so your kids are well protected form the sun.(An exception is the flat position: if you want to use the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller with an infant you might

Adjustable Canopy

Have to get an additional sun shade). There is a pocket on the back of every shade that carries little things like keys, cellphones etc.

Folding it up: The Bumbleride Indie Twin needs space even when folded up , so you can’t fit too much luggage around it when put in the car trunk (doesn’t apply if you have or plan to get a bigger car because of the twins like we did 🙂

Tires: The Bumbleride Indie Twin has 12 “ airfilled wheels, which makes the stroller an allround talent. It is compact enough to go shopping in the mall, but you will be equally happy on a trip to the zoo or at the football field. It is very easy to push, you can even steer it one handed. The front wheels can be locked to make it easier to push on rough ground

Remember: the stroller for your twins is like a tool for your new “profession” as twin parents and possibly one of the most important ones you will buy. So give it thought before buying and spend an appropriate amount of money – it might be different for every family, but you wouldn’t want shaddy working tools for your “real” job either, right?

If I would have to buy another twin stroller, the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller would definitely make the race!