A new iPad Air suddenly explodes in a Vodafone store in Australia

The staff of an Australian mobile store was completely bewildered after a brand new iPad Air suddenly burst into flames.

The explosion and the consequent fire were so critical that the fire brigade had to rush in to fight the flames and the smoke. Sparks continued to burst out from the device.

The incident took place in a Vodafone store in Canberra and the shop had to be immediately evacuated.

After the incident, a spokesperson from the Vodafone store reported to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph that a burst of flames suddenly occurred at the charging port of the brand new iPad Retina showcase model at the store. The smoke started to fill the store and the firemen rushed in to the rescue.


Fortunately, none of the staff members received any injuries during this mishap, however, the new model of Apple’s recently released iPad Air, was completely destroyed. From its appearance it could be seen that the device had suffered from extreme heat.

After the incident an Apple representative visited to store to collect the iPad for testing purpose and tried to figure out the cause of this sudden explosion of the device.

Apple is yet to comment on the incident, which means that even Apple is yet to figure out the cause of this explosion of its recently launched revolutionary device.

The tablet has received a lot of appreciation due to its thinner appearance, lighter weight and a powerful processor. Manufacturers of the new iPad Air involve companies from US, Japan, China and Korea.