2015 Hyundai Genesis


All the elite car companies follow the trend of posting teasing shots of new products in dimly light settings, especially of the door handles and badges. Hyundai is catching up really fast.

There is still a lot of time for the debut of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis, but the Korean car manufacturer decided to showcase a little preview of the car to the world. But don’t get too excited as all we got were a couple of renderings, but the most important revelation of the redesigned upcoming Genesis was its ‘styling’.

The first-generation Genesis was expected to pick off from right where the original Lexus LS had left off, giving the luxury of a BMW 7 series to its customers or the comfort of the Mercedes Benz S-Class, and that too at a lower price.

The Genesis almost achieved all this but still was not a complete success. The car is definitely competent but lacks persona. That is a necessity in any luxury car, which even a bargain one should possess.

Hyundai’s stylists have studiously and intelligently copied the looks of understated German and Japanese luxury sedans. As a result, they designed a car so generic that it looked as if it belonged in a driver’s ed manual.

Its styling has been inspired from last year’s HCD-14 concept, although the Hyundai Genesis is still a sedan and not a hatchback.

The first look at the giant grill and the sculpted flanks makes you think that they were taken off an Audi A8. The headlights and the roof give the appearance of a Volvo S80.

It doesn’t look much like a Hyundai Genesis but to be fair, for most of the people it’s a good thing.