2015 Ford Mustang shows its face in public – Spy photo

2015 Ford Mustang spy photo - Photo by KGP Photography.
2015 Ford Mustang spy photo – Photo by KGP Photography.

A hacked-together 2015 Ford Mustang prototype is based on the current car. The face of the ford mustang was revealed for the entire world to see since the car was spied in its new sheet metal.

The next-gen Mustang is set to be launched sometime in 2014 with the current model’s six- and eight-cylinder engines. An Eco Boost four-cylinder engine will be added to the lineup, as well to the next-gen version of mustang.

As nobody knows about the fact that this is the original pony car, the affordable sporty car for the everyman, and any major revision to the Mustang is reason to sit up and take notice.

The 2015 Mustang is shaping up to be a groundbreaking rehearsal of the breed and it’s rumored that the car can shrink slightly in size, the company will offer turbocharged power for the first time in almost three decades, and it is a possibility that Ford will dump its solid rear axle for an independent setup.

It is expected that the next Mustang will comprehensively be based on the revised version of the outgoing car’s platform.

The most significant change, of course, is headed for the pony car’s rear suspension. The independent rear is more likely given that all of the Mustang’s competitors already have, so finally there are rumors that ford has also decided to get a solid or independent rear suspension.

So there is a pretty good possibility that archaic solid rear axle will go off from previous-gen Mustang. Ford had already tested with both types of axles but decided to continue with stick axle.

The SVT Cobra model produced between 1999 and 2004 was the only factory Mustang to ever ride on an independent rear suspension.