2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck features, specs review and price


Almost every automobile manufacturer has given some or the other idea about what they have in the store to reveal at next month’s Detroit auto show, but Ford following its trend is the only company which has not unveiled any plans for the annual show’s opening debut.

Based on the recent rumors, Ford, the American multinational automaker is expected to unveil an all-new version of the maker’s best-selling truck, the F-150.

The company will be re-launching the truck after 12 months in the market with the Detroit maker using a new, aluminum-intensive design that has helped the company to reduce hundreds of pounds compared to the outgoing pickup in order to improve the fuel efficiency by 5 miles per gallon.

According to a recent statement released by the company officials, the company had to face serious challenges in modifying the truck, as the buyers in every segment are demanding better mileage.

While working on the fuel efficient vehicles, the company at the same time has to convince the buyers with the durability of the truck that won’t affect the saving with higher maintenance costs.

Mark Fields, Ford Chief Operating Officer said in a statement made to one of the leading newspaper that “Part of our strategy is to put all our vehicles on a diet,” keeping in mind that the goal is to remove anywhere from 250 to 750 pounds from its various products.

With the launch of F-150, Ford could force its competitors to quickly redesign their own vehicles in order to survive in such a competitive market. Ford F-150 price starts from $24,445.