2015 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe release date, features, and specs review

2015 BMW 4-Series possible patent image
2015 BMW 4-Series possible patent image

German automobile maker BMW is all ain readiness to release its 4-Series Gran Coupe which will be landing in showrooms later this year as a 2015 model.

The 4-Series variant bears resemblance to its predecessor the 3-Series and at the same time is essentially a smaller version of the 6-Series Gran Coupe and fits into the burgeoning four-door coupe segment instigated by the original Mercedes Benz CLS-Class.

News that has been making headway for quite a while is that the 4-Series Gran Coupe variant is going to sport the same overall length and wheelbase as the 4-Series coupe, but with a taller roof.

The designers of this variant have shortened the length of the 4-Series coupe’s doors in order to accommodate the rear doors.

Viewers will also note that the 4-Series Gran Coupe appears wider and more planted than the 3-Series sedan, especially from the rear, helping to set the two apart.    

As for the engine line-up of the automobile, people who have been anxiously waiting can expect the same 428i and 435i designations from the 4-Series coupe to filter across to the 4-Series Gran Coupe.

This means a 240-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo in the 428i Gran Coupe and a 300-horsepower 3.0-liter turbo in the 435i model. Transmission choices should include a standard six-speed manual and optional eight-speed automatic.

A high-performance M4 Gran Coupe powered by the 425-horsepower 3.0-liter turbo announced for the latest M3 sedan and new M4 coupe is possible, along with a sporty M Performance model.

There’s no information yet regarding the scheduled release date of 2015 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe.