2014 Nissan Versa Note hatchback price, specs, and features

The 2014 Nissan Versa Note is one of the best subcompacts one can purchase today and is cheap to buy, cheap to run with lots of room and has as much tech as one can get in a small, entry-level car.

On the tech side the Versa includes an impressive array of navigation, cameras, and infotainment options.

Core safety technology of stability control and airbags comes standard but Nissan does not offer blind spot detection or lane departure warning, two helpful features on a car with focus on under-30 drivers.

The most impressive tech feature of the Versa Note is the Around View Monitor that puts up a 360-degree view seemingly from above the car as one back into or out of a parking space.


Last year Nissan took the first step to improve the Versa with the launch of an all-new sedan. Once again, an emphasis was put on value and interior space, but with more attention paid to fuel economy and a slight improvement in style.

Despite Nissan’s best effort, the new sedan turned out to be underwhelming. Large and priced right, the Versa sedan is ordinary at best.

The Versa Note will be available in three trim basic levels, S, SL and SV, with each offering a handful of option packages.

Despite missing the mark with the Versa sedan, Nissan has delivered a competitive new entry to this segment with the Note. The new Versa hatchback should only help Nissan extend its sales lead as it is more efficient, more spacious, drives well and of course, is still packed full of value.

Pricing for the 2014 Versa Note will begin at $13,990 for the S and top out at $19,280 for SV Tech Package after destination charges.