2014 Nissan Rogue Crossover price, features, and specs review


Nissan, the Japanese multinational automaker is planning to sell the lower-end version of the previous model as the Rogue Select especially for the buyers who prefer mid-size budget cars.

Though it is hard to find much wrong in the older version of the car, but the company still has addressed so many issues in an already selling well car.

The Japanese automaker has redesigned the 2014 Rogue, which according to the company will be launched in three versions which are base S, mid-grade SV, high-end SL.

Each version of the car will be available with front-wheel drive. Whereas, for the all-wheel drive the buyer will have to pay $1,350 extra.

The interiors of the car are made up of very fine plastics, soft-feel surfaces, high-tech features and pleasing textures.

The company has also introduced a new concept in the car, as the new car will use a tiny amount of braking on front or rear wheels to smooth out the reaction to big bumps.

The company has also modified the width of the car, it will now be 1.5 inches wider than the older version of the car, but the same time the additional space does not add any significant room for the front-seat occupants to lean their outboard legs.

The car will be powered by a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder which is efficient to produce 170-horsepower and is coupled to a continuously variable transmission, the transmission has been reworked to help the gearbox behave more like conventional automatic transmission.

The car will be available with a price tag of $22,490 for the base S model, $24,230 for the SV model, and $28,070 for the leather-lined SL model.