2014 Jaguar F Type is priced between Porsche Boxster and 911 Cabrio


Despite of the strong demands for the Jaguar F-Type, the roadster might undergo price cuts and/or feature upgrades.

David Blackhall, the Jaguar Land Rover Asia-Pacific boss said in a statement that the Porsche’s price cuts in response to the launch of the F-Type earlier this year impelled JLR to evaluate the prices differently.

The Jaguar Land Rover Asia-Pacific boss, also said that ‘The results seems to say (Porsche) took a look at the car and the segment and thought ‘We’re going to protect our turf’. He said that ‘We were comfortable with where the F-Type’s price and position ended up but when the goalposts moved, we’ve had to respond to that.”

At present the F-Type Jaguar is priced between the Porsche Boxster and 911 Cabrio, and the range of the different models start from $138,645 for the base supercharged V6 to $201,945 for the V8 S. The Boxster’s range starts at $101,500, whereas, the 911 is available at $228,900.

Michael Winkler, the former Porsche Australia head will take over local JLR operations starting from November 11. Though he is taking over the charge when the demand for Land Rovers and Range Rovers is exceeding supply.

David Blackhall said ‘We would sell in Australia almost anything we can get across the entire Land Rover range except Defender,” he also said that ‘The F-Type was never going to be a volume-seller but it is a halo car for the brand and we’ll defend its position in the segment as required.”

According to him, as the first shipment of 40 F-Types for Australia was pre-sold, a second batch of 80 also will be a sellout.