2014 Honda Civic EX and EX-L models – Price, Features, and Specs Review


Since Honda, the Japanese public multinational corporation launched the 2012 Honda Civic, the company is trying really hard to improve its existing compact.

With the launch of the 2014 Honda Civic, the company has claimed that the sedan has been improved a lot, which finally makes it the next-generation Civic, particularly the sedan which it should have been in the first place.

The company has recently mentioned that the EX and EX-L models will now come standard with the basic features such as standard rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and Pandora streaming radio that were added for 2013.

The interiors of car are simply superb, the touch screen works exactly like the one on your smartphone or tablet. You can swipe, pinch, slide, and multi-tap your way to whatever your mind asks you to do.

In the new Civic, the 5 speed automatic transmission is now replaced by CVT, CVT being used in the car makes the car feel a bit slower off the line, but that is not true as the experts have claimed that its performance has improved slightly across the board.

The new Civic is capable of accelerating from 0-60 in just 8.8 seconds, which makes it 1 second quicker than its predecessor.

The latest 2014 Civic has all the goods like a new infotainment system, improved performance, and increased efficiency.

The fuel efficiency of the car has also increased by 1 mpg in the city making the figure to reach up to 30 mpg, making it to 33 mpg combined.

2014 Honda Civic EX price starts at $21,090 while EX-L starts at $24,240.