2014 Harley Davidson Street 500 and 750


World renowned US based bike maker Harley Davidson has revealed its first all-new motorcycle platform in 13 years, a pair of cruisers, the Street 500 and Street 750, to be put together at Harley-Davidson plants in Kansas City, Missouri and Bawal, Haryana state, India.

Indian enthusiasts will get to see only the larger, Street 750 in India, with the 500 perhaps to sell here in future.

Harley Davidson as the frontrunner in big bike market in India by a hefty margin, is confident the new bikes will add momentum to the Indian, as well as select global markets, where the new Streets shall retail, as the company leverages the benefits of high quality motorcycle production in India, at competitive costs.  

The new Harley-Davidson Street 750 rides into India with a cruiser typical front end, complete with rounded bikini fairing and simple, classic lines, including a petite round headlamp.

The bike can easily be customized to sport a classic look, without the front fairing. The new Harley-Davidson Streets rely on power from four-stroke, approximately 60 degree (wider for improved handling, as a result of a lower center of gravity) V-twin engines, displacing in the region of 500cc and 750cc, with fuel-injection offered as standard.

A single overhead camshaft configuration and liquid-cooling are offered. Both heavy cruisers have a lengthy wheelbase, and seat riders in armchair comfort, with a back-upright riding position supported by feet-set-forward rider footrests.

A steel fabricated frame holds these motorcycles together, with ample, plush riding saddles to support riders and their pillions.

While Harley-Davidson is yet to reveal India pricing, it is known the Street 500 is priced at around $6,700 in the US market, where the 750 will sell for about $7,500.

We estimate the Street 750 to be priced at close to Rs. 4, 50,000 when it slips into Indian showrooms in 2014.