2014 Chevy C7 Corvette Stingray price tag, features, and specs review

Chevrolet shocked everyone with the release of 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, as the car has dramatic styling, which is completely different from previous generations of the American sports car.

The profile of the new car is instinctive with a stretching, strong form underlined by the passive B-pillar and a sporty backlight.

The company has also given a rear quarter window in the new car. The restructuring of the tail lamps is missing the stylistic element, although the quad-lens presentation strictly follows Corvette tradition. For their part, Chevrolet says they wanted them “not only to say ‘Corvette, but new Corvette.’

The Stingray C7 is powered by the all new small block LT1 V8 which is capable of producing 455 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque or 460 hp and 465 lb-ft torque with the optional performance exhaust.

The three new technologies which Chevrolet has introduced in C7 are direct injection, variable valve timing, and cylinder shutdown.

The C7 is constructed like an aircraft and it also maintains the basic proportions of its immediate predecessor. A seven-speed manual developed by Transmission Technologies also known as Tremec also is part of the C7 plan.

The B-pillar is subdued to give a smoother, sleeker flow to the greenhouse and roofline, which forced the company to stretch C7’s visual length without adding bulk or weight.

The C7 is expected to be available with a price tag of no more than $55,000. The price is high when compared with 2013 Corvette, but is entirely reasonable given the ultralight construction, more powerful engine, and significantly better gas mileage.