2014 BMW i3 hybrid specs review


The Los Angeles Auto Show this year is unveiling a large number of all new electric cars which will be available from early 2014.

None of the presented cars may be attracting more attention than the BMW i3, the company’s first car to venture into a non-gas vehicle. The BMW’s battery electric car is really small, looks odd and lacks driving smoothness according to experts.

The need for urban mobility means thinking beyond environmental problems and providing an agile driving experience. The BMW i3 is the vehicle of tomorrow and with its exceptional design, it is equipped with BMW e-drive power train which was designed in the scale of BMW efficient dynamics technology.

The “I” in BMW’s i3 is its classification for electrified vehicles, which means electrics and extended range electrics and gasoline electric hybrids.

The BMW i3 has optional gasoline-engine recharging with the engine generating 170 horsepower and 180 pounds-feet of torque. It takes three hours to recharge a drained battery pack via plug and 240 volt circuit.

The car has thermoplastic body parts and is a small, four doors, and four passengers with optional recharging setup to double driving range. It will be available for sale in the east and west coast around mid-2014.

All electric cars are becoming more affordable and more popular and the world is transforming and more hybrid cars are being used.

The aerodynamic exterior design with opposing doors is one of many features to look forward to. It’s not only emission free but also provides a silent driving experience.