2010 Toyota Recall: 90,000 Vehicles Affected in Japan

2010 Toyota Recall: 90,000 Vehicles Affected in Japan: Another recall of its cars has been revealed by the automobile giant Toyota. Mieko Iwasaki, the company’s spokesperson has told CNN that there would be a recall of 90,000 cars in Japan because of an engine part damage. Affected models would include Crown and Lexus. The vehicles affected have small valve springs which were made from low-quality metal that could crack, potentially causing engines to stall.

As of the moment, it has been fortunate that no accidents or fatal injuries has been reported yet involving the failure. Only complaints of abnormal idling or engine noise has been reported by the owners.

Approximately 137,000 vehicles in the United States would also be affected by the recall and that company has been investigating 270,000 of its vehicles worldwide regarding the issue.

Only those models which has been manufactured before 2010 would be affected according to Toyota.