$139 Kindle Offered To Re-Acquire Public Interest

A cheaper wireless Kindle has been offered by Amazon as of this moment for only $139. This is to regain public’s interest on the gadget as Apple’s iPad has been dominating the field. Amazon, being known the world’s online retailer has been distributing this e-reader device and also revealed its whole new 3rd generation Kindle.

This 3rd generation Kindle is 21% smaller and 15% lighter that the previous model. All of these only costs $189. Although hey are not giving exact figures for their sales, th company bragged that they were able to triple their sales after the cutting of prices.

Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has made mention that at these price points, they’re starting to accumulate evidence that this is a mass product. Because of their sales, they can afford to lower down their prices even though rival products has been flourishing.

“We’ve sold millions of the prior generation of Kindle and we’re going to sell millions of these,” Bezos said. “And when you get up into that kind of volume, you’re able to do a lot of things with the manufacturing models and supply chain in terms of driving down the cost.”

they would be shipping the new device by August 27 and pre orders are already available. Kindle was first introduced in 2007 for $359 and has been through a lot of price reductions. Because of Amazon, Kindle managed to have vast collection of book titles.

According to Reuters, Amazon has improved the contrast on the screen of its newest Kindles, but the size of the 6-inch reading area remains the same. Page turns are also faster and some 3500 books can now be stored, double the previous amount. Both models have a one-month battery life.