10 Million-dollar Making Website Ideas

I was thinking of good ways by which I can make more money online – something that could get me into the million dollar mark …and here’s what I came up with:

  1. PayPerPray
  2. CussWorld
  3. The Best Religion [dot] com
  4. Holy Grails for Sale

Let’s face it, people forget to pray – every morning, before going to bed, before meals, before every important occasion, even at church. Worry no more! With PayPerPray, we heavenly nuts promise to intercede for you. No more prayers missed, increased chances of going to Heaven (if Saint Peter says ‘No,’ you can point to us. We’ll settle it for you)

I’ve always wanted a dictionary of cuss words. Haven’t you ever thought about how Filipinos curse? How about the Ugandans? How about the Russians? Wouldn’t it be nice to cuss your boss in Korean while keeping a smile?

In a society more connected than ever, we are faced with different philosophies, beliefs, tradition and culture. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place where we prove to one another why we’re right, or why we’re wrong. And because we’re all smart, chances are, that discussions in this site wont end.